Welcome to our Christian Business Ministries Canada website. We have been working hard to bring you a new look, complete with resources and helps. We wish we could say it is finally complete, but as long as the Lord continues to do His work in Christian Business Ministries Canada, the more we will have to continuously update this site. And the more He works, the happier we are to do it!

Christian Business Ministries Canada is a non-profit ministry to the business and professional community. We exist to share the greatest news in life with those who have yet to discover it.

Admittedly, we are focused on providing a clear discipleship path for those who have embraced the Lord as their Saviour. Take a few minutes and check us out. If we can help you in any way in this area, please let us know!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Lynn at: lynn@cbmc.ca or phone us at 1-888-459-2262

Inquiries that need to be specifically directed to me can be sent to jmacdonald@cbmc.ca

Thanks again for your patience with us. Please keep us in prayer as we refocus, strengthen and expand CBMC, including our new website roll out.

Joe MacDonald
CBMC Canada

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